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Klondike: The Lost Expedition

The game world of “Klondike: the lost expedition” will take you to the times of Alaska Gold Rush with its unique atmosphere and charm. The amazing graphic design of the game is notable for the rich colors of nature, picturesque scenery of locations, and true-to-life style of buildings and decorations. Klondike will introduce you to the everyday life of Far North peoples and show you the ways of explorers and gold miners. Read more...

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Riding School | Event page


During the event period, visit The Riding School location. Miss Lucy's prized ponies are missing! Befriend the guard dogs at her rival's place and rescue the ponies! Gain three adorable ponies that reduces your factory production time by half!

  • [2017-03-21]
  • [2017-03-21]
  • [2017-03-21]
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