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Yukon Bank (Event)

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Yukon Bank




During the event period, set out to the Yukon Bank to help restore the sacred Totems. Find Totem Fragments in hides under the Stone Idols and restore the relics. Setup the Detectors and find all the Ancient Chests with Wooden Beads. Use Wooden Beads to summon a new special animal: Beaver!


In the depths of the forest, I heard the sound of falling trees. There was no one around except me, and logging is forbidden! I went toward the noise. I wandered to the river banks and saw a huge pile of fallen trees. All along the river, one after another, were trunks as smooth as the river itself. After searching the shore and in the bushes, I found the culprit behind this affair. With sharp teeth like a saw, he sheared the wood almost at the very base of the tree. To my surprise there was a Beaver! Here, home to such a hard worker, he certainly does not have to think about where to take the firewood for the stove, the coal ran out ...

Strolling along the beach, I came across a camp of Inuit Indians ! They sadly sat near the bottom of the totem and what is in it was not enough, he also has to be 10 meters in height! The shaman, in a strange garb asked me to help restore everything to the way it was before, well, where to find things ... and not say, but it's definitely part of the totem!

Gathering me in a way I was given a valuable medallion made of amber, and a girl of the tribe accompanied me up to the forest thicket, striking a drum ritual ... maybe some, I hope I do not expect a lot of trouble?

Event Tips

  • Event rundown:
    • A new timed location has opened near your Home Station.
    • Equipment Needed to travel: Kerosene lamp.
    • The Storage is already there, so you don’t have to be worried about losing anything.
    • There are 3 major tasks and 4 quests in Yukon Bank.
    • In Yukon Bank’s Storage you can craft Detectors; you’ll need them to find deposits of useful resources!

Step 1: Make a detector in Q'orianka's Tent, place it on the ground and activate it. After 15 minutes the arrow on the detector will show the direction to an Ancient Chest.

Longdale step1.png

The arrow indicates the direction of the deposit.
The lights show how far away the deposit is.

Detector lights.png

Red = far away
Yellow = medium distance
Green = close

Step 2: Make another detector, place and activate it so you can find the location of the Ancient Chest. It will be where the lines from the arrows intersect. Where the lines intersect place a third detector.

If you have found a deposit there will be bricks shown above the third detector. Click on the bricks to build a Geological Station.

Longdale step2.png

Note that the lines do NOT show in the game, you have to imagine where they are

Resources and Materials



Event Structures

Q'orianka's Tent

Qoriankas tent.png

  • An already completed Barter and Storage Location


Image Name Total Available Ingredients Required
Detector Unlimited Wire.png Wire (3)Bricks.png Bricks (3)

Other Structures

Placed Completed Name Description Activation Materials
Detector buildable.png
Detector Helps to find a deposit with useful resources.

Tile.png Tile (2)
Stool.png Stool (3)
Saw.png Saw (1)

Geological station buildable.png
Geological station.png
Geological Station Helps to harvest useful resources.

Cable.png Cable (3)
Beam.png Beam (4)
Iron wheel.png Iron wheel (2)

Q'orianka's Totem

Q'orinaka's Totem will grow in size depending on number of materials used to build it.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Completed
Qorinkastotem stage1.png Qorinkastotem stage2.png Qorinkastotem stage3.png Qorinkastotem stage4.png Qorinkastotem stage complete.png
Totem Fragment.png Totem Fragment (1)Glue.png Glue (5) Totem Fragment.png Totem Fragment (1)Wire.png Wire (10)Beam.png Beam (8) Totem Fragment.png Totem Fragment (1)Fabric.png Fabric (8)Cable.png Cable (15) Totem Fragment.png Totem Fragment (1)Tinplate.png Tinplate (12)Bricks.png Bricks (15) Wooden beads.png Wooden beads (5)

Location Map

  • All totem locations are different for each player so no map is included at this time.

Quest List

Main Quests

Icon Name Requirements Rewards
50px Yukon Bank

Set out to the Yukon Bank location.

Glue.png Glue (12)

50px Stone Idols

Break the Stone Idol in the Yukon Bank location.
Open the hide under the Stone Idol.

Cotton threads.png Cotton threads (12)
Nails.png Nails (10)

50px Totems

Break the remaining Stone Idols and open the hides. (3)
Restore one of the Totems in the Yukon Bank location.

Socks.png Socks (5)
Glass.png Glass (6)

50px Ancient Chests

Create a Detector in Q'orianka's Tent.
Use the Detector to find the Ancient Chest with Wooden Beads underground. (3)

Chains.png Chains (5)
Quartz sand.png Quartz sand (10)

Bonus Quest

Icon Name Requirements Rewards
50px First Totem Restore the first Totem and summon the special animal Beaver.png Beaver (1)

Event Period

Event Period:

  • Start: Thursday 7/20 0:00 PST
  • End: Wednesday 7/26 23:59 PST

This location will disappear on its end date no matter when you first visit it. Make sure to bring all treasure back to home station before the travel period is over!