Riding School (Event)

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Riding School

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]


During the event period, visit The Riding School location. Miss Lucy's prized ponies are missing! Befriend the guard dogs at her rival's place and rescue the ponies! Gain three adorable ponies that reduces your factory production time by half!

Story[edit | edit source]

  • Miss Lucy is missing 3 ponies!
  • Discover the thief and get ponies as a thank-you gift!
  • Celebrate Children’s Day together in Klondike!

Event Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Event rundown:
    • A new timed location has opened near your Home Station.
    • Equipment Needed to travel: Kerosene lamp.
    • The Storage is already there, so you don’t have to be worried about losing anything.

  • IMPORTANT: there are 10 easy quests to guide you! Follow them and enjoy!
    • The quest line to lead you will start when you make your first trip to Riding School!
    • You will have 1 major task: Catch 10 Old Boots from the pond.


    • There are 3 Ponies guarded by 3 dogs.
    • Feed the dogs with Yummy Treats (that are made from Salmon in the Storage building) to free the ponies. Use HOOKS from your Home Storage to fish for Salmon **
    • Once you free the Pony, a pony will go to your Home Storage.
    • You might also catch an Old Boot, but don’t be upset! Just exchange it for something lovely in the Storage building.


    • Once fed, the pony speeds up resource production in your factories for 24 hours. All new production will be made two times faster.
    • After the Pony finishes speeding up resource production it will turn into a golden statue with great prizes

Note: You can have only 1 Pony walking around your Station. PSST!! There is a secret roulette hidden somewhere, but we didn’t tell you that!

ROCKING HORSE - Happy Children's Day! Please accept the Summer Gift as a token of gratitude from June 1 to June 7 23:59 PDT. - Find the Rocking Horses (70) inside and gift them to your friends! When they accept the gift, both of you will get great prizes!

Resources and Materials[edit | edit source]


Blue pond.pngPond timer.png

  • Blue Pond

-Used for fishing. Every 3 hours use 3 simple hooks to catch salmon and boots. It is estimated to be a 70% chance to catch an old boot.



  • Salmon

-These are caught in the Blue Pond. Used to produce Delicious Food.

Old boot.png

  • Old Boot

-These are caught in the Blue Pond. Used to barter for items in the Neighbor's House.

Delicious food.png

  • Delicious food

-Food used to pacify the guard dogs. Needed to complete the quest objectives.

Event Structures[edit | edit source]

Neighbor's House[edit | edit source]

Neighbors house.png

  • An already completed Barter and Storage Location
Image Name Total Available Ingredients Required
Delicious food.png
Delicious Food 60 Salmon.png Salmon (5)Porridge.png Porridge (5)
Pink bike.png
Pink Bike 3 Old boot.png Old boot (10)Ribbon.png Ribbon (3)
Blue bike.png
Blue Bike 3 Old boot.png Old boot (10)Chains.png Chains (3)
Water (50) Unlimited Old boot.png Old boot (5)Cucumbers.png Cucumbers (50)
Worms (10) Unlimited Old boot.png Old boot (3)50-ounce nugget.png 50-ounce nugget (3)
Hay bale for 25 portions.png
Hay bale for 25 Portions Unlimited Old boot.png Old boot (3)Ordinary logs.png Ordinary logs (15)

Other Structures[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description Ingredients
Flower bed roulette.png
Flower Bed Secret Roulette Wheel Build this secret roulette for a chance to spin for prizes every 6 hours. Flax.png Flax (20)Chicken egg tray.png Chicken egg tray (10)Stool.png Stool (5)

Items on the roulette wheel: Energy.png Energy (10) Paint.png Paint (1) Red currant.png Red currant (5) Pie 20 energy.png Pie 20 energy (1) Oil.png Oil (5) Coal.png Coal (5) Clay.png Clay (5) Worms.png Worms (5) Blueberry.png Blueberry (3) Cotton threads.png Cotton threads (2) Flour.png Flour (3) Pears.png Pears (5) Fittings.png Fittings (1) Kerosene.png Kerosene (5) Chains.png Chains (3) Blue extract.png Blue extract (1)

Image Name Description Ingredients
Dog bowl.png
Dog Bowls Used to pacify the hungry guard dogs. Delicious food.png Delicious food (20)Water.png Water (1)

Pilferable Decorations

Image Name Description Quantity
Main gate.png
Main gate Decoration 1
Flower boat.png
Flower Boat Decoration 1
Wrought iron fence right.png
Wrought Iron Fence Decoration 8
Wrought iron fence left.png
Wrought Iron Fence Decoration 7
Wagon with flowers.png
Wagon With Flowers Decoration 1

Location Map[edit | edit source]

Riding School Location Map

Quest List[edit | edit source]

Main Quests[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Requirements Rewards
Riding School Quest1.png Miss Lucy

Talk with Miss Lucy at the Riding School location.

Coal.png Coal (20)

Riding School Quest2.png Competition

Create Hook.png Hook (15)
Transport Hook.png Hook (15) to Riding School

Energy.png Energy (20)
Coin.png Coin (10000)

Riding School Quest3.png Hooks

Harvest Cucumbers.png Cucumbers (35)
Receive gift from a friend of Water.png Water (10)

Super shovel.png Super shovel (10)
Feed for 7 birds.png Feed for 7 birds (5)}

Riding School Quest4.png Fishing

Catch Salmon.png Salmon (30)
Create Bucket.png Bucket (3)
Create Delicious food.png Delicious food (5)

Red currant.png Red currant (30)
Blueberry.png Blueberry (30)
Ice.png Ice (30)

Riding School Quest5.png Treats for Spike

Fill the first dog bowl
Collect Chicken egg.png Chicken egg (20)
Harvest Rye.png Rye (30)

Honey 15 energy.png Honey 15 energy (3)
Fruit tree fertilizers.png Fruit tree fertilizers (25)
Clay.png Clay (30)

Riding School Quest6.png New Catch

Open the first gate.

Pony.png Pony (1)
Riding School Quest7.png Treats for Willy

Catch Salmon.png Salmon (60)
Restock Blueberry.png Blueberry (10)
Fill the second dog bowl.

Fittings.png Fittings (1)
Lucky coin.png Lucky coin (1)
Ribbon.png Ribbon (5)

Riding School Quest8.png The Salvation

Open the second gate.

Pony.png Pony (1)

Riding School Quest9.png Treats for Skipper

Feed livestock (150)
Fill the third dog bowl
Make Chocolate.png Chocolate (5)

Cable.png Cable (20)
Emerald.png Emerald (1)
Cheese.png Cheese (1)

Riding School Quest10.png In Parting

Open the third gate

White pony.png White pony (35)

Bonus Quest[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Requirements Rewards
Riding School Quest11.png Unfortunate Fortune Catch Boots in the Pond (10) Gift Box 24px

Event Period[edit | edit source]

Event Period:

  • Start: Thursday 6/1 0:00 PST
  • End: Wednesday 6/7 23:59 PDT

This location will disappear on its end date no matter when you first visit it. Make sure to bring all treasure back to home station before the travel period is over!