Energy Food (Items)

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Energy is what makes the game go round.

These are the many different types of food that can replenish your energy.

Energy food misc[edit | edit source]

Three types of Honey, that can be found in trees, bundles of grass and in return for the horn set.

Edible mushroom: 1 Energy. (can be found clearing out grass on expeditions; 2 clicks at a time)

Plum: 1 Energy

Apple: 2 Energy (for three emerald you can plant an apple tree but other than that you find it out on expeditions)

Dry toast: 3 energy. Found in medium and large Poultry Nests received when combo chopping trees - 25 (?), 30, 35, 40, 45 chops or more.

Bread: 5 energy (Can be made in Bakery)

Dream breakfast: 5 Energy (has to be made from 1 cup of coffee and one doughnut. You can get coffee from friends and neighbors but doughnuts are only given from the games administration.)

Pie: 20 energy (Can be found in chest or wooden boxes, can be made in Bakery)

Cheesecake: 35 energy (Can be made in Bakery)

Raspberry tart: 40 energy (Can be made in Bakery)